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German guns by AgProv
German guns
more views of the German artillery. I have designed things so that the light IE18 (75mm) and the heavy IG33  (122mm) belong to a motorcycle regiment.  Motorcycle infantry regiments were used as fast mobile infantry between 1939-42 and one such regiment, supported by its integral artillery, was the first to fight a way over the heavily defended river Meuse in May 1940.  The men simply rode the motorbikes at top speed over a weir - effectively only foot-deep water - then dug in and held a bridgehead till the tanks arrived.

SdKfz 7 by Matchbox/Revell, iG 33 infantry gun by Caesar models, Kubelwagen and IE75 as before (Airfix/ACE) and motorcycle infantry by HaT. 1:72 throughout.
IG18 and Kubelwagen 9 by AgProv
IG18 and Kubelwagen 9
Something different: a 1939-41 teaming, of the Kubelwagen light car (military wheelbase of the VW Beetle) towing a light field gun, the 75mm IG18. combinations like this would have been the immediate artillery firepower available to any German infantry regiment - on immediate call for fire support.  This light 75mm howitzer served from 1939 to 1945, even  though it was effectively obselete by the war's end. Kubelwagen by Airfix, artillery piece by ACE.  1:72 throughout.
Pnz IV h and trailer by AgProv
Pnz IV h and trailer
The Pnz IV h on its tank transporter trailer, towed by an SdKfz 9 "Famo" half=track. Tank by ESCI/Italeri, trailer by Dragon models, Famo by Revell, all in 1:72
Pnz IV h by AgProv
Pnz IV h
More views of the late-war Pnz IV ausf h in 1;72 - ESCI/Italeri kit.
Final Panzer IV GB 001 by AgProv
Final Panzer IV GB 001
an attempt at a late-war Pnz IV ausf h with schurtzen armour, possibly Normandy 1944. Kit by ESCI/Italeri in 1;72. I wanted, for the challenge, to attempt one of the most complex cam schemes I'd ever seen on a German tank.  Backstory: the extra spaced turret armour was deliberately designed so that enemy soldiers might mistake it for a Tiger.  It was known British and American troops were jittery about the feared Tiger Tank. It is possible this tank was misidentified as a Tiger on many occasions.  The paint scheme took a couple of days concentrated focus, btw!
And i've neglected my presence here. 

Last time I posted  an entry was Dec'2012....   time to update! Even more so, time to get back in there and add art. Watch this space! 


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Paul Catlow
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United Kingdom
I am a long-time Terry Pratchett addict who edits and writes extensively for the Terry Pratchett Wiki on L-Space Web. (under the name of AgProv).

Using the name of A.A. Pessimal, I have also branched out into writing fanfic in (although not exclusively in) a Terry Pratchett style using his canonical characters and settings along with OC's of my own devising.

I have also recently begun contributing to a wiki set up expressly to organise Fanfic characters and settings added to the Pratchett canon for purposes of building lean-to sheds, albeit without planning permission, on his Discworld. I periodically look for artistic impressions that match his and my words and bring the characters to extra life.

I am more one who pisses about with photomanipulation than an artist proper. Although when the mood takes me I assemble and paint scale models to what professionals are kind enough to tell me is a very high standard. I will provide sample photos to see if this classes as "art" or not. Opinion is varied.

I have just discovered humon. what can I say? Her "Scandinavia and the World" strip is inspired. Genius. her world has a hint of Pratchett to it and her nation-sprites go off in surprising but logical directions. Hopefully I can contribute in small ways.

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